Last Escape of Billy the Kid 2021

Local press helping spread the word of Old Lincoln Days and the Last Escape of Billy the Kid 2021! Ruidoso News Photo credit:  Michelle Huey — Ruidoso News

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Old Lincoln Days update August 6, 7, and 8

Despite the pandemic, according to local friends group members, this rendition of Old Lincoln Days is shaping up the one of the best organized and publicized in years. State historic leaders have authorized bringing in extra staff to Lincoln to fill in gaps and bolster …Read More

Volunteers, Check out Lincoln NM Historic Site!

Volunteer positions at Lincoln Historic Site must be filled. Are you looking for an interesting and fulfilling volunteer job? Do you have a special skill and interest? Then look no further than Lincoln, NM. Tiffanie Owen, Instructional/Volunteer Coordinator will provide a job that suits you …Read More

Historic Lincoln County Courthouse Restoration Work

State legislative money has come through in support of restoration of the Old Lincoln County Courthouse widows and doors. This first phase of the project will focus on the doors and windows along the south facing side of the courthouse. The crew from Covenant Solutions …Read More

Another Project Completed

Friends of Historic Lincoln has purchased new threshold mats and placed them at each museum. The mats are important as they protect the old wood floors in the museums by keeping more dirt outside! Don’t they look great?

Volunteer with Friends of Lincoln

Volunteers Wanted! Volunteers Needed!

April 1st begins the busy season for the Lincoln Historic Site! The beautiful spring weather, and the opening of the Tunstall Store and the Dr. Woods House bring visitors to Old Lincoln. These two museums are staffed by volunteers, and the museums are open from …Read More

Rich Eastwood

Historical Potpourri: Cousins enjoy Lincoln reunion

Rich Eastwood, his daughter Kym, and her friend, Debbie Moore, came from San Diego for his talk on his book, “Historic Lincoln, NM – The Building’s and People.” After their county visit they continued to Gillespie County and San Antonio, Texas where they researched Eastwood’s …Read More

Courthouse Machine Gun Stolen

Early Thursday morning an individual smashed a rear window in the courthouse, entered, and took this 1921 Thompson Navy sub machine gun, serial number 11320, from the lawman’s exhibit. There is not a lot more that I can say as the investigation is ongoing. The …Read More