Dr. Watson House

The first two rooms, front to back on the east side, were built prior to 1886. This building is not of great historical value but it is architecturally harmonious with the rest of the town.

This structure was possibly built either on the site of the west wing of the McSween house, or just adjacent to it. Although the record is unclear, it seems the building was constructed as a residence for Charles Beljean and his wife, a partner in William Rosenthal & Co. The remaining rooms were added by the very early 1900’s.

Dr. Thomas W. Watson, a native of Nova Scotia, and his wife Virginia bought the property in 1903. They lived in the east rooms and had a drug store in the west room. The Watson’s moved to Carrizozo in 1914 and sold the property to Dr. John R. Neal and his wife Pearl in 1920. Dr. Watson’s neighbor, Dr. Earl Woods, kept the drug store open for Dr. Neal and himself until 1922.

Note the similarity in the roof lines between the Dr. Woods’ House, the second building to the west, and this house.