Luna-Chavez House

The Luna – Chavez House was originally two separate houses, built prior to 1868. The two houses were later joined by adding the central entrance room. It is a single story, stuccoed L-shaped adobe house and is a good example of early Hispanic construction of building with no halls. Each room has a center door leading to the next room.

The house was originally flat-roofed and was later covered with a sheet metal, peaked roof. The north wing on the east is of jacale, construction (poles driven into the ground and plastered with mud).

For some time the Luna – Chavez House was the residence of two families: the Luna’s lived in the east end and the Chavez family in the west end.

Juan José Lopez lived here with his wife, Isabella. Their daughter Joséfa married José Montaño. Lopez served on the April 1878 grand jury that exonerated Alexander McSween of larceny charges.

In 1898 José Montaño sold the property to Ramon Luna.

This house is listed on both the National Historic Register and the New Mexico Register of Cultural Properties. It is currently used as a research center.