Dr. Woods House

Of considerable elegance in its time, this house has some of the architectural features typical of “Lincoln-style territorial,” a meld of traditional Southwest adobe and Back-East design. Built for George and Mary Danner about 1882 – 1883, it was referred to as “the mansion house of Dr. Skipworth” in a mortgage contract in 1898. George W. Peppin , a master mason, constructed several buildings in Lincoln including this house.

The building was also known as the Blanchard House (after a long time renter but never an owner). It was occupied by various owners and lessors until 1925, when Dr. Woods and his wife, Mary June, purchased the property.

Dr. Woods was a man of many talents. Besides his duties as a country doctor, he was a wine maker, soap maker and ice cream purveyor.

The house is listed both on the National Historic Register and the New Mexico Register of Cultural Properties and is opened on weekends annually from April 1st to October 31st.