Early Thursday morning an individual smashed a rear window in the courthouse, entered, and took this 1921 Thompson Navy sub machine gun, serial number 11320, from the lawman’s exhibit. There is not a lot more that I can say as the investigation is ongoing. The New Mexico State Police and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office have been magnificent. The State Police continue to collect evidence.

We are devastated on many levels beginning with the loss of the weapon. The window that smashed was an original window and we spent a good about of money this summer restoring it to its original shape. The individual who did this planned it out and only took the weapon and doing so violated one of the most important cultural resources in the state with no respect of for the history and people of New Mexico.

I have an appeal for all of you. Make this post go viral and let’s catch this person. I would appreciate any help you can give us in catching him and convicting him.

Gary Cozzens
Manager, Lincoln Historic Site