Bronze Billy Project

This artistically impressive sculpture of Billy the Kid was designed by artist, and editor of True West magazine, Bob Boze Bell, and is brought to life by Ed Reilly, the owner of The Bronzesmith Fine Art Foundry.

After months of planning, Friends of Historic Lincoln is offering these14-inch and 28-inch tall sculptures for sale to raise the funds needed to place a 7.5 foot tall, monument sized, sculpture of Billy the Kid in the courtyard of the Anderson-Freeman Visitors Center. The sculpture will be placed on an 18-inch pedestal, and will be surrounded by the commemorative bricks that are placed in the courtyard.

It’s easy to imagine the attraction this monument will be in Historic Lincoln. Having Billy the Kid back in Lincoln will create quite a stir!


Donors of $12,500 will receive a numbered 14” sculpture and a 5-year membership in Friends of Historic Lincoln. Donors of $25,000 or more will receive a 28” numbered sculpture and a five-year membership in our organization. All donorations toward this project will be recognized on a plaque placed in the museum.

Additionally, individual pieces can be purchased as follows:

14” Bronze Billy – $2,875 (includes a 5-year membership)
28” Bronze Billy – $7,875 (includes 1 5-year membership)

Proceeds from these sculptures will also support the purchase of the large monument sized Billy the Kid sculpture for the courtyard.

Your donation to Friends of Historic Lincoln is tax deductible.

Please write or call us directly for this type of donation.

Friends of Historic Lincoln New Mexico
P.O. Box 83
Lincoln, NM 88338


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